Philips Photonics

Global leader in VCSEL technology

Philips Photonics is a global leader in VCSEL technology and designs, manufactures, markets and sells VCSEL-based solutions for data communications, consumer and industrial applications. Philips Photonics has a very comprehensive product portfolio ranging from high speed VCSELs for data communication to infrared illumination modules for security, surveillance and night vision applications, from single mode VCSELs for sensing applications to intelligent Laser Doppler sensors for accurately measuring velocity and distance. Furthermore, Philips Photonics offers infrared radiation modules and systems for industrial heating and optical pumping applications.

The company’s unique products and solutions are based on Philips’ know-how in technology, design, quality control and production, an extensive lP portfolio on devices and applications and a strong network to leading suppliers and scientific institutes. The company operates in Ulm, Aachen and Eindhoven and has 20 years of history in VCSEL, dating back to work at the University of Ulm and Philips Research. The Ulm research led to foundation of the ULM Photonics GmbH company in 2000, which was acquired by Philips in 2006.

Philips Photonics has enabled the introduction of laser based PC mice, high bit-rate active optical cables, and introduced VCSEL-based Laser Doppler Technology to consumer applications. Philips Photonics is one of the largest manufacturers of VCSELs and VCSEL-based solutions, and is a fully owned business of Royal Philips.

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