High Speed VCSELs & Photodiodes

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Philips Photonics offers a comprehensive product portfolio for all main applications like Active Optical Cables (AOC) and Transceivers (TxRx). On request, customization like other wavelength, bottom-emission, AuSn bumps, different array format and chip layout is possible.

Philips Photonics Product Data transmission Product Type Additional Product Info Product Datasheet
ULM850-05-TN-N0101L 5G VCSEL  
ULMPIN-10-TT-N01xxU 10G PD  
ULM850-14-TT-F01xxU 14G VCSEL   pdf
ULMPIN-14-TT-N01xxU PD   pdf
ULMPIN-25-TT-N01xxU 25/28G PD   pdf