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Infrared Illumination

Active infrared illumination is used in camera systems for better identification of characters, objects and people. Infrared lighting allows you to shoot pictures at high speed or fast moving objects (e.g. reading of license plates on moving vehicles). Infrared illumination can reduce or eliminate shadows and the variability of ambient light. Compared to visible light, infrared light improves visibility in difficult weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow. An appropriate active light source extends the range of almost all camera applications.

Infrared light sources, like LED and FP laser, for scene illumination in surveillance and night vision applications are widely accepted and used. However, due to the technical disadvantages and limitations of LED and FP laser, these light solutions do not give the performance levels that cameras need. The requirements of a light source for illumination of custom camera applications are ideally fulfilled by VCSELs.

Philips Photonics offers innovative VCSEL light sources for infrared scene monitoring and image processing systems (e.g. security, surveillance, night vision, industrial applications). These products combine the good optical properties of a laser with the simple application of LEDs. VCSEL light sources are distinguished by a high brightness with small beam divergence and narrow-band emission. Philips Photonics VCSEL light sources offer excellent and reliable performance over a wide range of conditions.

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