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Today’s datacom applications require sophisticated optical components. VCSELs provide high-speed data transmission at low power consumption. Due to their design, VCSELs have a circular beam profile with a low divergence angle, which ensures simple and efficient coupling to optical fibers. In addition, the vertical beam guidance allows the realization of emitter arrays on a monolithic chip.

Philips Photonics offers a comprehensive portfolio of datacom VCSELs for optimal matching to all main applications, like Transceivers (TxRx), Active Optical Cables (AOC), and Embedded Optical Modules (EOM) within the standards of ,e.g., Infiniband, Ethernet, FibreChannel, and Thunderbolt. Depending on the requirements, the VCSELs may feature single-mode or multi-mode operation, optical output power up to 24 mW, or data rates up to 14 Gbps (25 Gbps in final development stage). Single channel devices are available as well as arrays with, e.g., 4 or 12 devices. Philips Photonics also supplies the corresponding photodiodes. Philips also works with customers on special solutions, like large scale 2D arrays or other wavelengths.

Philips Photonics is committed to a high quality of the devices. All products are subject to extensive performance and reliability tests before shipment.

Main application domains are:

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