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Infrared Power

Infrared Power

Philips Photonics’ infrared power systems offer attractive solutions in many application fields of industrial thermal processing. They deliver infrared output power of tens of watts up to tens of kilowatts onto a well-defined target area without complex beam shaping optics or scanning units. The energy density on the work piece ranges between traditional lasers and lamps/LEDs.

VCSEL arrays are an area source of intense and directed infrared radiation and can be used without additional optics for many area heating tasks. VCSEL heating modules come in a compact and robust housing with a protective window and are suited for easy machine integration in industrial applications and production processes.

The systems are based on modular building blocks of high power VCSEL arrays. The VCSEL emitters deliver 2 x 200W IR power in two emitter zones, where the IR power of each zone can be controlled independently. Simple and rugged modules in a compact form factor enable easy integration in a variety of production processes.

Philips Photonics offers a standard range of products for general industrial applications and specific application areas. Also custom made solutions are possible, tailored to specific process requirements.

Application domains are:

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Rectangular heating pattern
produced by 9.6 kW high
power VCSEL module

400W VCSEL emitter

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