Infrared Power Systems

High Power Infrared Sources for Industrial Heating

Philips Photonics offers a standard range of products for general industrial applications and specific application areas. The laser modules are very compact and are offering scalable and flexible solutions. Custom solutions can be developed, tailored to specific process requirements.
The laser sources are based on VCSEL micro laser arrays (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) and deliver directed large-area beams of near infrared power that can be applied in many industrial heating applications and production processes. The laser modules come in a compact and robust housing with a protective window and are suited for easy machine integration in industrial applications and production processes.

Basic building blocks of the laser modules are VCSEL IR emitters of 2 x 200W IR power in two emitter zones, where the IR power of each zone can be controlled independently.

As a unique feature, beyond precise control and fast switching of the infrared power, also the spatial heating profile can be arbitrarily programmed by independent control of small segments of the laser modules. Heating patterns can even change dynamically during operation, enabling an unprecedented level of process flexibility.

Key features:

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Laser systems for composite manufacturing

VCSEL heating modules are offering compact and robust heat sources that can be integrated into a moving tape/fiber placement head, delivering directed energy exactly where it is needed.

A new high power laser module optimized for the specific process and size requirements of fiber/tape placement or winding applications was presented at the JEC World 2018 show. The new laser module delivers more than 2 kW of infrared power with a power density of more than 150 W/cm². This enables fast layup speed for various types of fibers and tapes, including also high temperature thermoplastic materials. With only 49mm width, the new laser module is extremely compact and fits well into typical tape placement geometries. It is typically equipped with an integrated concentration optics for 25mm wide tapes, thereby enabling layup of narrow 3D forms.

Because of its compact size, stacking of many of the new laser modules is possible as well, supporting thereby configurations where many tapes are applied in parallel, enabling high productivity production. Because of the dynamic programming of the spatial heating profile, still the flexibility to produce with narrower layup width is maintained in such a configuration.

A very compact laser module of 2.4 kW output power and an emission area of 52 mm x 40 mm has been developed in the European project ComMUnion. With two of these laser modules, very flexible processing options are possible, which will be investigated in the future.

Also customized module concepts can be realized, for example for layup width of 200mm or more, with form factors adopted to specific process requirements.

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9.6 kW VCSEL module
PPM412-48-980-96 with 209
mm x 40 mm emission area in
48 programmable emission

4.8 kW VCSEL module
PPM420-24-980-48 with two 52
mm x 40 mm emission blocks

2.0 kW VCSEL module
PPM417-10-980-20 with
integrated concentration optics
for 25mm tape width

2.4 kW VCSEL module
PPM412-12-980-24-c with 52
mm x 40 mm emission area in
12 programmable emission zones