Philips VCSEL Array Technology
for High Power Applications

VCSEL arrays consist of thousands of micro lasers manufactured in a semiconductor process on GaAs wafers. Typical pitch between individual lasers is in the range of 40 μm. Wavelengths are between 800nm and 1100nm, most commonly used are 808nm, 850nm and 980nm, each with a line width of a few nm. Compared to infrared LEDs, VCSELs deliver a very narrow line width and an extreme forward emission characteristic.

Chips are diced from the wafers and mounted onto carriers, thereby using assembly steps well known in the LED industry. For very high power applications, these carriers are mounted on water coolers to prevent excessive heating of the laser structure itself. Based on these building blocks, flexible and scalable solutions are possible, matching many different application requirements. VCSEL modules delivering infrared output powers of a few watts up to tens of kilowatts can be realized.

The brightness of VCSELs ranges between traditional lasers and lamps or LEDs and the technology offers scalable system power. High power VCSEL systems are thereby an attractive solution in many application fields.

VCSEL arrays - thousands of
micro-lasers on a chip